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Medicare open enrollment

August 24th, 2023

Open enrollment is rapidly approaching for your Part D and Medicare Advantage plans...Oct. 15 - Dec. 7 - Please call in for appointment to review your current coverage. These reviews can be very important for you, going forward. Soon we will have a way to set your own appointment, online, at your convenience. We will email you details soon.....or call/email to set appointments now.

Please call or text 559-960-9655 to set an appointment, or email me at Julie@InsuringByDesign.com

A couple of things that might be important to you:

January 16th, 2023
1. If you have a Medicare Advantage, you have 1/1 till 3/31 to make a onetime 2023 open enrollment change.

2. Safe money. Many of us have dollars on the sidelines.....cash account in our investment portfolio, in a CD, or sitting in the bank.......as we wait out the stock market. Right now, guaranteed annuities, 3 year commitments, are paying 5% plus per year. Gives you some hedge against inflation as you wait to decide how to go forward with the stock market, or your safe money. Please contact us if you want to figure out if this might work for you.

Community Hospitals & Medicare

January 17th, 2023

Fresno & Clovis Community Hospitals available in your Medicare insurance plan?

Hi again! We want to pass along some important news for some of you.

Per the link -


Community Hospitals is not currently in-network for Anthem, Cigna, UnitedHealthCare and I was just told Aetna, in the Medicare Advantage, commercial, and employee group markets.

As we understand it, these Medicare Advantage plan members could have access on a case by case basis.....or not.

Also, as we understand it, these contracts and network restrictions do not apply to Medicare Supplement insureds. This is original Medicare, and all provider payment structures and details are between Medicare and the providers.....insurance companies are not involved. So those of you with Medicare Supplement are unaffected.

Hope this helps!

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