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Helping you make the best possible decisions on your Long-Term Care, Medicare, and other safe retirement needs.
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Highly certified staff

We make sure to give our clients the right advice with all our skills

From the time they walk in through their training and certification to becoming a member on-site or working towards an advanced degree, all of our staff is highly trained in the field of insurance.

Wide range of products

We offer a wide range of products that covers every individual's needs

Because we’re an independent insurance firm, we have access to a wide range of insurance products to meet the needs and preferences of every client.

Educational Approach

Education is a key factor in obtaining the right knowledge of your risks

We educate our clients about different insurance concepts rather than force them to buy a financial product. This enables us to build long-lasting high trust relationships with clients.

Tailored insurance plans

Imagine if your plan was just right for your requirements

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to insurance. We know that every person has unique needs and wants which is why our team of experts can create tailored plans just for you!

Insurance Solutions by designInsurance Solutions by design

At Insurance Solutions By Design, our aim is to provide professional care and high-quality services.

Julie Johnston is an independent insurance agent who has provided insurance coverage to clients in Fresno, California, for over 19 years through Insuring by design. Had we known how many incredible people we would meet doing this, we would have started forever ago. Our goal is to help you make the best possible decisions on your Long-Term Care, Medicare, and other safe retirement needs, which is my number one priority. So whether you've found this website through an email newsletter or social media channels or were referred here by a friend, we are happy to have you as our guest.

We've been committed to providing our clients with customized insurance solutions designed per their needs and goals. Our staff has the knowledge and experience of our insurance products to provide maximum benefit and protection to our clients at the best rates.

We educate our clients by putting together entertaining, informative, and inspiring content. In addition, there are industry updates that might be relevant to you or a friend. Also, think of these as lifestyle articles you'd find in magazines. I share similar content through my social channels as well. And if you need to get in touch, my contact information is at the bottom of each page.

We are experienced, reliable and professional.

Insurance Solutions by Design in Fresno, CA, is a team of experienced professionals who understand the importance of good customer service and dependable guidance. You can rely on us to provide high-quality services due to our extensive industry experience.


At Insurance Solutions by Design in Fresno, CA, we understand that obtaining the best insurance coverage is crucial for those currently on Medicare or those who will be soon.

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Long-Term Care

At Insurance Solutions by Design in Fresno, CA, we understand that it may be difficult to imagine now, but it's highly likely that you'll require assistance with self-care later in life.

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Delta Dental

Insurance Solutions by Design in Fresno, CA, recognizes that Delta Dental is a major provider of dental benefits, serving almost 37 million individuals in 15 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, & the Virgin Islands.

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Many years in business

100% customer satisfaction

Knowledgeable advisors to help you

Multiple coverage options to choose from

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Long-Term Care 

In-home care
Assisted living & skilled care
Adult day care
Modifications to house

In-home care coverage

Risk Factors

You may end up paying for in-home care, including nursing care and physical therapies.


Many long-term care policies also cover in-home care, including nursing care, physical therapy and medical equipment.

Assisted living & skilled care

Risk Factors

Some policies only cover nursing home care. It doesn’t cover assisted living facilities, which is important since this type of care is rapidly expanding.


Long-Term Care insurance should be considered to cover these expenses.

Adult day care coverage

Risk Factors

You may have to pay them for their services from your pocket if you hire a caregiver.


Policies may cover community care, which usually means adult day care, so you don’t need to pay them all by yourself.

Modifications to house coverage

Risk Factors

You may need to build a wheelchair ramp for one of your family members because of their medical conditions.


Some policies may even pay benefits to family members who act as caregivers or cover home modifications, such as adding wheelchair ramps or installing safety devices.

Major diseases coverage

Risk Factors

A family member may be affected by a major disease and need continuous care, which may cost you money every single day.


Most policies cover care related to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, but there are exceptions. Because this is a common condition, double-check that it’s included in your loved one’s policy.

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  • Debbie

    Julie is awesome! Very knowledgeable and up to date. We met regarding Medicare supplemental insurance and she explained the ins and outs of all the different plans to come up with a plan that fit my needs perfectly. 5 stars all the way!
  • Joni

    I have trusted Julie with my insurance for years now. She is always there for my best interest and is very knowledgeable, patient, and cares very much. Thank you Julie for reassuring me that you have my best interest at hand, always.
  • Jean

    Excellent help!!!
  • Catherine

    In the many years my husband and I have known Julie, we have found her to be very knowledgeable and helpful concerning our insurance needs, as well as being a good friend. We highly recommend her.
  • Jan

    Julie is responsive and has great knowledge! I know I can always rely on her for good advice & accurate information.
  • Sharon

    Julie is the go to person if you truly want to find the best insurance solutions to meet your personal needs. My family and those I have referred, wouldn't think of going elsewhere for help with this very important service. Julie is transparent and makes serious "business" fun!!
  • Marie

    Met Julie many years ago! Have referred many people to her and all have been very happy. She placed my husband and I in a policy that has been wonderful. I have had 4 eye surgeries in 6 months with -0- out of pocket (total $120,000.00) My husband is now being treated for cancer and we have paid -0- out of pocket since he started Chemo and Radiation treatments. She has been very supportive and we appreciate her kind and professional services. Thanks Julie!
  • Bonnie and Mike

    We have been going to Julie Johnston for many years for our insurance needs. Julie really knows her stuff! With her vast knowledge of various plans, she has helped us find the best coverage at the best price. We recommend her highly!
  • Randy and Kay

    You are the BEST, you know what you are talking about & we love seeing you every year.

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